March 2017

What is the Supervillain of the Creative Self?

  Some theories of psychology believe that we’re made of psychological parts. Lover, brother, leader, activist, humanitarian, whatever. But there’s a dark side. For every saint there’s a sinner. For every virgin there’s a whore. If this theory is true, then we all have inside of us the seeds of a superhero dreamer. A creative [...]

Start Before You’re Ready (and Build a Galactic Beacon to the Gods)

My good friend Miguel Edwards is my current hero. He (along with a team of awesome humans— including his dad) designed and built a three and a half story kinetic sculpture in Seattle called Pursues II that looks like a cross between a sci-fi photon torpedo and a galactic beacon to the gods. This is Not [...]

February 2016

January 2016

How to Find the Quiet, Clear your Babbling Brain, and Tune into your Truth

                          The world is loud. It is noisy. Distracting. Frantic. Noise is not just sound. Sure, there’s traffic everywhere, TVs and radios blaring, people yapping about this and that at every turn. This noise affects us. It affects us so deeply that much [...]

Tap Your Soul and Find Success as an Indie Artist— 5 Steps

I’ve been an independent artist my entire adult life. Musician, photographer, filmmaker. Sounds glamorous, right? It pretty much isn’t. Although it’s great to follow your passions (and I very highly recommend it) any working artist will tell you that they spend most of their time hustling gigs and marketing themselves. Since I’ve managed to find [...]

December 2015

Scarface was Right

Every moment of our lives we’re either acting upon the world or reacting to it. Both are necessary. But you gotta keep an eye on the ratio. If you’re generally reacting— in your work, in your relationships, in your dreams— you’ll end up with whatever fate hands you. That will probably be a mediocre job, meh [...]