March 2018

Anna S.— First Awesome Boss (Hero #3)


My heroes are people who shine, act and broadcast clear ideals that have shaped my personality and mission in life. Heroes don’t always save babies in burning buildings. Sometimes they simply show us courageous ways to live in the world. In one way or another, all of my heroes are Not F*ing Around.   When [...]

February 2018

The ‘Rents Were Not Pleased— But Now My Mom is My Biggest Fan


“Stop playing guitar! Do your homework!” My mom obviously didn’t understand. At fifteen years old I just wanted to rock. Not science, not math, not history. Rock. I, of course, kept playing. My fingers almost knew the notes to the picking pattern of the intro to U2’s current single, “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” “Now!” She yanked [...]

January 2018

Remixing Your Value


Bernard Resnick is my entertainment lawyer and friend. Affectionately nicknamed Bernie the Attorney, he’s held my hand through about a million sketchy music deals, licenses and various other business transactions over the past decade and half. Bernie knows what’s up. Besides a solid grasp of the law, he’s also taught me some other things that [...]

December 2017

Quick Tips to Kick Ass (the NFA Way) Part 2


Making it happen in the creative world can be tough. Forces appear to conspire against us. F* that. The biggest forces conspiring against us are generally within. And we all hold power there. I’ve got my own list of Not F*ing Around bullet points that have helped me navigate the treacherous waters of myself over [...]