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Get psyched!

Private coaching sessions for SuperStars who are ready to rock forward with their creativity and/ or heart-centered businesses. 


Ready to rock? Lost the spark? Done f*ing around? 

  • Drill into a personal mission statement to find your laser focus.
  • Swap your crappy habits for SuperStar actions to get make sh*t happen.
  • Access your inner truth to find solutions you already know with personalized guided mediations.
  • Center your power to defend against your Inner Critic and other shadows.
  • Be accountable. Make clear and directed progress on your dreams and goals.

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If it’s a good fit and you’re seriously revved up and good to go, we’ll step through the application/ interview process. I only take three new clients a month and I want to be absolutely sure they are serious and fully ready to rock. 99% of my clients step forward to make real significant progress on goals and businesses. F right! 

  • 1 SINGLE HOUR — $247
  • 4 MONTH INVESTMENT — 1hr/ every other week — $297/ mo
  • 4 MONTH INVESTMENT —  1hr/ every week — $497/ mo


  • FOCUS your mission, REFUEL your heart, POWER UP your dreams.
  • PLAN, LAUNCH, MARKET and EXECUTE your business and creative goals.
  • FINISH your screenplay, book, film, album, etc.
  • SUCCEED with your business and creativity.


I got the cred. Here’s the word from the street…

“Jeff helped me embrace my creativity (and my weird) and view it as an asset… that thing that sets me apart and makes my work completely unique. I completely believe creative dreams can happen, and Jeff helped me believe this, and guided me to a path I never would have taken without him. This guy is the real deal.”

~Nichole Crawford, Artist/ Author

“My time and studying with Jeff has definitely elevated me to a higher level of musical, social, and business knowledge. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin because of Jeff’s mentorship.”

~Brand Parke, Songwriter/ Lead Guitarist— Mister Master

“Working with Jeff is an absolute joy. Sporting a special mix of sharp thinking and ease, Jeff is like feel-good snake charmer. He sets the tone for good things to rise out of our respective creative baskets. The gem is a combo of nuts-and-bolts practicalities with genuinely feeling the possibilities. My experience with Jeff certainly clarified how to take my cartoon biz to new joy-making non-nausea heights. My new site is underway, tapping into licensing opportunities much more effectively. I highly recommend any creative to tap into Jeff Leisawitz’s mojo magic.”

~Megan Hills, Cartoonist

“Every time I speak with Jeff I feel as though I have been given a shot of inspiration and reassurance. He’s kind, thoughtful, resourceful, positive, and always offers insight. Since Jeff is a true artist himself, he truly understands the vulnerability, honesty, authenticity and passion that go into a project. He nurtures his fellow artists by listening, caring, sharing his wisdom and helping people bring their visions to fruition.”

~Stacie Rose, Songwriter, Business Owner

“I was stuck before I began working with Jeff. No stories written in over a year, treading water with research projects, reading countless how-to’s instead of doing. After four one-hour sessions, I now have four stories in rotation, 23 slated for rewrite, and lots of space for new stories since I tossed the rest (yes, I killed my darlings!). So, what did Jeff do? He listened, asked questions, and gave me some NFA tools that got me ‘unstuck’ and back on my creative path—and got me here 10x quicker than other how-to’s or workshops could.”

~Joyce Barton, Writer, Flash Fiction & Essay

“Jeff is one parts life guru, one part my biggest fan, and all parts creative jet pack. He taught me so much about the creative process, getting stuff done, and about evolving as a person.”

~ Melody Coleman/ Azure Anarchy, Recording Artist

“Working with Jeff was a miracle transformation. I recommend him as a coach and teacher to anyone with a creative project. “

~Leigh Rudd, Screenwriter

“Jeff Leisawitz is the ideal coach and teacher for anyone who seriously wants to improve their creative vision and skill-set. His ideas, strategies and philosophies are practical and his passion is contagious.”

~Antonio Vianna, Screenwriter/ Novelist

“If you are someone who needs to uplevel your game and get busy with making your creative dreams happen, you will want to work with Jeff. Jeff is a natural and skilled coach, easily relatable, and truly sees me for where I am at, and helps me to get where I want to go. I have made significant progress with my writing and getting past my blocks with his help. Jeff has “been there, done that”, and so truly knows what the heck he is talking about. I just wish I had starting working with Jeff sooner!”

~Teresa Keever, Author/ Speaker

Let’s tag team your vision to bring your gifts to the world.

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