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Does your writing feel flat or lifeless even though you’re doing ‘everything right’? Does it seem like your stories aren’t really connecting with readers?

If you aren’t drawing on your personal struggles, pain and desires, your words will never have deep emotional resonance. By tapping into your truth and you’ll uncover your unconscious themes and dramas. Then you can infuse your characters, plots and dialogue with something real. Readers will feel it.

In NFA for ScreenWriters and StoryTellers, Jeff Leisawitz, author of Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground, will help you uncover the powerful dramas in your personal stories. By tapping into truth, purpose and our innate desire to express, heal and be known, you will recover lost parts of your storytelling heart. 



This workshop isn’t about how to write. It’s about how to write something that matters. 

Get psyched for four live, online interactive workshops— 90 minutes each.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 26— 7PM, PT Rocket Fuel for ScreenWriters and Storytellers      

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 2—7PM, PT Write from the Heart

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9— 7PM, PT Tap Into Your Core Wounds to bring authentic power and passion to your characters and stories.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 16— 7PM, PT  Welcome to the Time Machine

All workshops will be recorded and will be available on-demand for a limited time.










You’ll walk away with—

… a deep understanding of your personal gifts and perspectives (and what you can give to the world)

… strategies to be accountable to yourself and others

… the unshakeable truth that you and your creative work has value

… a deep sense of healing— being seen and understood through your creative process

… a heartfelt acknowledgment that you truly are a Creative SuperStar



Save 50%. That’s 250 bones! This is the first time I’m taking these workshops online. It’s a test drive so I’m dropping the price dramatically. 

$250 value— One hour private online coaching session with Jeff.

> eBook and AudioBook copies of Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground

> Worksheets— Gifts and Perspectives, My NFA Mission, F the IC, Fail Fast, Tap into Your Core Wounds to Bring Power and Passion to your Characters and Stories, You are the Hero, Sizzle Reel

> Guided Meditations— Write from the Heart, Tap into Core Wounds, TV Time Machine

> The 60 minute MP3 audio program Affirmations for Beautiful Souls

> The MP3 audio of Jeff riffing like a madmad at Tacoma School of the Arts

That’s well over $450 worth of bonus materials FREE (if you register NOW!)





“Since Jeff is a true artist himself, he truly understands the vulnerability, honesty, authenticity and passion that goes into a project. He nurtures his fellow artists by listening, caring, sharing his wisdom and helping people bring their visions to fruition.” 

~Stacie Rose, Singer/ Songwriter, Wellness Coach

“Working with Jeff is an absolute joy. Sporting a special mix of sharp thinking and ease, this guy is like a feel-good snake charmer. My new site is underway and I’m tapping into licensing opportunities much more effectively. I highly recommend any creative to tap into Jeff Leisawitz’s mojo magic.”

~Megan Hills, Cartoonist


“My time studying with Jeff has definitely elevated me to a higher level of musical, social, and business knowledge. I’m much more comfortable in my own skin because of Jeff’s mentorship.”

~Brand Parke, Songwriter/ Lead Guitarist— Mister Master 

“There’s something contagious about Jeff’s enthusiasm for life that gets you excited for the tiniest nugget of an idea you might have about your own life. Things he says make you bonk yourself in the head and think, “Of course I can do that! Why have I waited this long?”

~Abigail Carter, Internationally Published Writer


“They say experience is the best teacher and that’s what Mr. Jeff is all about. If you want a teacher who is friendly and cares about you on a personal level, then he is the man you’re looking for.” 

~ Venny Marfo, Screenwriter


“Jeff is one part life guru, one part my biggest fan and all parts creative jet pack. He’s taught me so much about the creative process, getting stuff done, and about evolving as a person.”

~ Melody Coleman/ Azure Anarchy, Recording Artist


“Jeff Leisawitz is the ideal coach and teacher for anyone who seriously wants to improve their creative vision and skill-set. His ideas, strategies and philosophies are practical and his passion is contagious.”

~Antonio Vianna, Screenwriter/ Novelist


“Jeff helped me embrace my creativity (and my weird) and view it as an asset. He’s a real life example of someone who believed in his creative dreams and made them happen. And now I’m doing the same! This guy is the real deal.”

~Nichole Crawford, Painter


“Jeff helped me take my big ideas and lay out a powerful plan. His sage guidance and genuine care was so appreciated.” 


~Kat Khaled, Wellness and Abundance Coach


I’m so f*ing sure that you’ll love these workshops and get fired up to crank into your creative projects, I’m offering a full-on money back guarantee. Seriously. If you show up, participate live in all four workshops, do the worksheets and can honestly say that you don’t feel like you’ve gotten something powerful out of the experience, I’ll give you your money back and personally apologize for not bringing the NFA in a way that helped you amp up and get moving in the right direction.


Save 50%. Do it now.

This workshop series always sells out.








Whether you’re just starting up or you’ve been into your thing for decades, it’s time to (re-) light the fire, dig in deep, and kick giant ass.

Right now.