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Powerful screenplays and movies that resonates with audiences is always based on an authentic connection between the writer and her words. Learning to tap into our deep truth to let our stories flow with real courage and vulnerability will amplify their emotional power. Bigtime.

WRITE SCREENPLAYS TO CONNECT, HEAL and TRANSFORM is a one-time live, interactive, 3-hour WebClass that gives you powerful tools to write stories with deep soul and authenticity.

• Dig into your own psyche to uncover the gold in your darkness and heart breaks
• Pen scripts like your favorite movies— that are universal, authentic, and infused with truth
• Bust through your creative blocks with ease
• Learn to embrace imperfection in your writing
• Discover easy methods to create structure and accountability on your big writing project
• Fill your creative cup + make new creative friends

Instructor Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission— to inspire writers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, entrepreneurs (and everyone else) to crank up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world. Author of the critically acclaimed book Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground, he’s an internationally distributed screenwriter/filmmaker, an award winning musician/ producer, a college songwriting instructor and a highly sought after creativity coach.


“Working with Jeff was a miracle transformation.“
~Leigh Rudd, Screenwriter

“Jeff Leisawitz is the ideal coach and teacher for anyone who seriously wants to improve their creative vision and skill-set. His ideas, strategies and philosophies are practical and his passion is contagious.”
~Antonio Vianna, Screenwriter/ Novelist


If you don’t walk away revved up, inspired and ready to rock your words, just drop a quick email right after the WebClass and we’ll refund your dough. 100%.

Only 25 participants = personal attention

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This class is not about how to write screenplays. It’s about how to write screenplays that matter.

I want to Write Screenplays to Connect, Heal and Transform