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I felt like I was never fully seen and understood until I found the courage to express myself creatively. Whether through song lyrics that explored a crumbling relationship, a screenplay that helped me untangle my ideas about spirituality and science, or the zillions of creative ‘failures’ that enlightened the truth about the pure joy of creating, I’ve come to realize that creativity is not a luxury item.

My purpose is clear— to help others heal by expressing themselves with depth, clarity and authenticity.

I’ve seen my astonishing autistic songwriting student overcome tremendous challenges to express her thoughts and feelings in ways she couldn’t have spoken. I’ve watched screenwriters light up when they finally understood the dark thematic undercurrents that drive their stories (and their lives). I’ve witnesses students, clients and well established artists realize that their value is not tied to their outward creative successes, awards, fame or fortune.

Tap into your truth. Amp up your creativity. Heal your heart. And shine in the world.

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Get NFA in your inbox. Join the mailing list.