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How to Start (and Finish) Your Book

This 90 minute interactive workshop will help you re-ignite and fire up your passions to focus on writing your book. We’ll dig into the ‘why’ behind what we create. We’ll confront and dismantle your ‘Inner Critic’ and we’ll make a clear action plan for stepping forward. With worksheets, group discussions, personal stories and a guided meditation, this one is a game changer. Get psyched to fire up your writing!

In this live interactive WebClass you’ll learn…

  • Easy tools to uncover your limitless creative energy to ignite the deep truth of your stories and characters.
  • The simple step-by-step process to limit your binge watching in exchange for powerful writing sessions.
  • Fast hacks to overcome your inner critic, bad habits and other showstoppers.

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Jeff Leisawitz is an internationally known life coach for creative type.

Jeff burns with a mission— to inspire and teach authors and screenwriters to amp up their vision, tap into their potential and shine in the world.


“Jeff helped me embrace my creativity (and my weird) and view it as an asset… that thing that sets me apart and makes my work completely unique. I completely believe creative dreams can happen, and Jeff helped me believe this, and guided me to a path I never would have taken without him. This guy is the real deal.” ~Nichole Crawford, Artist/ Author

“With Jeff’s coaching, I could finally drop my resistance and fear. I could finally write my truth.” ~Bez Palmer, Author/ Illustrator