Kate McDermott—Pie Making Superstar

 Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.21.13 AMWhat is your creative mission?

To foster kindness in the world.

What do you love about what you do?

I am able to work with a wide range of people (age, gender, race, creed) and help them to find a sweet spot in their lives that they can then share with others.

What have you learned from your successes/ failures?

My successes have sometimes helped me to fail, and my failures have many times helped me to succeed. I love both my successes and failures.

How do you keep pushing ahead after a difficult challenge?

In times of difficult challenge it is important to keep going. One can stay stuck in the muck, or one can choose to get up and move on out of it.

Have you ever encountered resistance from family, friends, or the world in general? How did you overcome those kinds of blocks?

I have encountered resistance over the years from family, friends, and the world. In each instance, I have found it important to always listen to my own inner voice. We always hear the truth. Whether or not we want to listen and act on it is a daily choice.

How has your art and creativity healed you?

My creative process and art is a daily practice to remind me that always being true to myself is the best way to continue to heal myself.

What are your NFA Bullet points? What steps would you recommend for anyone who wants to kick some ass and get their creative dreams off the ground?

1. Always Be Kind.

2. It’s OK Not to Know the Answer.

3. Teachers and Guides Come When You Least Expect but Always When Needed.

4. There are No Mistakes but an Infinite Number of Creative Outcomes.

5. Expect Nothing and Be Prepared to Receive EVERYTHING!


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