Lark Remy- Singer/ Songwriter


What is your creative mission?

My mission is to share and communicate a deeper understanding of inner truth through music.

What do you love about what you do?

For me, it’s all about creating and being in full expression of myself. I’m really into experimenting with different textures and sounds of the voice. Songwriting is something that I’ve only recently started to develop. I love the process of building a song from an initial concept and watching it evolve into something more complex.

What have you learned from your successes/ failures?

I’ve learned that failures are opportunities for continued growth as an artist. Click To Tweet

Really, they’re all just experiences. It’s not about whether we perceive these events as successes or failures. It’s about the creative process and if you’re having fun while doing it, all that shit doesn’t matter.

How do you keep pushing ahead after a difficult challenge?

Get inspired. Remember what you love about it. A good support team is an absolute must. Get quiet. Visualize your goals. Get in the habit of doing self affirmations and taking action. Setting small goals has been huge for me. Accomplishing smaller goals assists in gaining the confidence to set larger goals. Get your head right! This is key. It’s so easy to live in the past and direct your attention towards what hasn’t worked out for you. I did this for years. This kind of thinking is incredibly toxic and extremely detrimental to your creativity. I have gotten in some serious downward spirals that way. If you aren’t able to financially support yourself yet through your passions, pick a job or career that will not deplete you of your energy so that you have time to focus on your creative goals daily. Make time for yourself to pursue your creative path even if it’s just 10 minutes in the morning before you go to work and 10 minutes before you go to bed.

Have you ever encountered resistance from family, friends or the world in general? How did you overcome those kinds of blocks?

Yes, absolutely. There have definitely been times when I encountered resistance in pursuing music. It’s pretty crazy how just a few discouraging events early in life can intensify these thoughts and feelings of lack of self-worth. I struggled for years with the fear of not being good enough or talented enough. I think the important thing to remember is that these feelings are just feelings and not the truth. Don’t entertain these thoughts. Step back from the situation and realize that you have a choice to believe those thoughts and give them power. Change your perception of the situation. Question your beliefs. Are they limiting you? Learning to let go of old and limiting beliefs has been a game changer for me. You’d be surprised how changing those thought patterns can remove tons of inner blocks and fears. A big breakthrough for me was when I realized that I didn’t need validation that I was on the “right” path. Stop being concerned with labels, titles and what looks good on paper. This helped me immensely. Once I stopped focusing on getting that all important job title and chose to pursue what brought me joy, I had more time to do the things that really made me happy and I was less concerned with impressing other people and seeking their approval.

How has your art and creativity healed you?

Coming into full authentic self expression of myself has helped me realize my full potential within. It has given me the power to transform and channel my fears and insecurities into lyrics and melodies

What are your NFA bullet points? What steps would you recommend for anyone who wants to kick some ass and get their creative dreams off the ground?

  • Stay present. Live in the NOW. Stop thinking about the past and the future.
  • Stay focused.
  • Eliminate distractions. When I decided to fully pursue music, the first thing to go was the tv.  Initially it was more of a short term thing, but after having so much more time to focus on my goals, I quickly made the decision a permanent one. I also will deactivate or take a break from social media apps when I feel that I’m being too distracted or unproductive.
  • Surround yourself with supportive, goal oriented people. Click To Tweet Distance yourself from negative influences.


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