How to Find the Quiet, Clear your Babbling Brain, and Tune into your Truth















The world is loud. It is noisy. Distracting. Frantic.

Noise is not just sound. Sure, there’s traffic everywhere, TVs and radios blaring, people yapping about this and that at every turn.

This noise affects us. It affects us so deeply that much of the time we don’t even notice it exists. Then we take a weekend getaway to a secluded mountain cabin. Suddenly it’s quiet. When we drive back to the city, the noise becomes obvious. But soon it fades into the back of our heads again.

This is just one kind of noise. The other kind is internal.

Perhaps it starts with the media feeds. The din of the always-on smart phone, or the emails, updates, images, infographics, texts, etc. Mix that with our overactive, over caffeinated brain cells. Spin those thoughts around in never-ending circles and suddenly you’ve got the 24/7  internal monologue.

The world is loud.

As it turns out, humans weren’t built for loud. In fact, nearly all of the external noise has cranked up in just in the past 150 years or so. Thank you, industrial revolution.

What’s my point?

We need quiet. Especially the internal kind. Click To Tweet

Why? Because it’s much more difficult to tap into our intuitive selves without it.

Your intuition connects you to a higher source. Call the source whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter. What does matter, is that this level of consciousness is bigger, with a wider perspective, more wisdom and more truth than our normal thought stream can even begin to comprehend.

Your intuition is your truth. It will help give you clarity to make decisions. Click To Tweet

It will fuel your heart. It will open you up to major creativity. Possibility. And dare I suggest, it may even help you find your destiny.

All good stuff. All things that our day-to-day brains attempt to do.

I’m not dissing the grey matter, but it has its limits. The electrochemical pudding between our ears is great at survival tactics, keeping our hearts pumping, logical stuff. It even does a splendid job into fooling us into believing that our thoughts are who we are.

So, wanna open up your mind? Tap into your intuition? Your power? Your creativity? Hell yeah, you do.

It’s easy, but it takes practice.

Find the quiet.

Escape to a place that is literally quiet. A room. The woods. Sitting in your car overlooking the lake. The supply closet. Basement. Really, wherever feels good is good.

Make sure all of the media is at bay. That’s right. Turn off the phone. Don’t worry, it’ll be there when you step back into the noise.

Then just be. Meditate (any way you like). Stare out the window. Sit. Write in the journal. Doodle. It’s all good. The point is just to give yourself a rest from all of the input. Let yourself breathe. Breathe deep. Tune into your breath.

Maybe in the first ten minutes, or maybe after a dozen of these mini retreats, you’ll begin to reestablish your connection to yourself and your intuition. You can’t force this. You just have to step back and let it happen.

When it happens, you’ll know, although it may be subtle. Your heart will slow down. Your stress will subside. Sure, all of the nonsense of the world will still be there. It just won’t rattle your cage so much. Your neurotic thought cycle will gear down.

Your decisions will become obvious because you won’t have to think about them. Click To Tweet

You’ll just know what you need to know.  In fact, if you really have your quiet on, you won’t even know you made the decision. You’ll just take action on it. You’ll pretty much skip the conscious thought process entirely. You’ll just know. And that knowing is your truth. Your path.

Find the quiet. Find your truth. Find your path.


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