Marc Harper— Bassist

WP-marc-colorWhat is your creative mission?

My mission is to inspire people to fall in love with the bass. This beautiful instrument adds exceptional musicality to a song, and I want people to connect with the music through my connection with the bass.


What do you love about what you do?

I love that I can make people feel nostalgic, joyful, excited, or even depressed. Music allows connection to emotions that people don’t normally experience during their day-to-day routine. If I can encourage a deep emotional response in my audience, I know that I’ve made a difference.


What have you learned from your successes/ failures?

My successes have taught me that I can accomplish nearly anything if I put all my resources and willpower into it.

After years of diligent practice on my instrument, I was able to obtain a substantial musical scholarship toward my composition degree from my own volition. My failures have given me a reference point to guide me in future decisions. For example, my work ethic developed after being berated by an employer due to lack of preparedness. Overall, my failures and successes have reshaped my approach to my musical goals.


How do you keep pushing ahead after a difficult challenge?

My most potent encouragement comes from within. I believe that every true artist needs to have an unquenchable thirst to keep creating art. Without artistic passion, life becomes mundane and seemingly meaningless. I’ve chosen to keep exploring original musical possibilities despite the challenges that arise.


Have you ever encountered resistance from family, friends, or the world in general? How did you overcome those kinds of blocks?

Being a musician is a constant battle with the world telling you that you aren’t good enough to make it. In response, the way I combat the naysayers is to work harder than my competition. I put my entire mind and body into being a great musician.

My dad always told me that if I’m going to succeed in music then I have to be the best artist I can possibly be, and I’m doing everything in my power to achieve my dream.


How has your art and creativity healed you?

Childhood brought many unique challenges. My parents had mental and physical health issues, and were away from home most of the day as I grew up. In response, music afforded me an outlet. It became my second family, and my close friends. It has given me a voice, and has ultimately connected me with others who have surprisingly similar backgrounds. Music has given me all that I have including renewed happiness and meaning.


What are your NFA Bullet points? What steps would you recommend for anyone who wants to kick some ass and get their creative dreams off the ground?

1. Be punctual: it pays to be early, prepared, and ahead of the competition.

2. Be honest with yourself. Don’t be an asshole with an ego.

3. Know what you want: If you have a dream, and work your ass off, you’ll reach it.

4. Never lose hope: You’re the only one in charge of your life and happiness. Don’t give up on yourself.


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  1. Melody May 8, 2016 at 11:10 pm - Reply

    I’m feelin the good vibes here. I mean, if you’re going to devote your life to something, you gotta fight to be damn good at it. This guy gets it!

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