Overcoming Mistakes and Rejection












Film Courage: …And I’m wondering what your take is on rejection because it doesn’t feel so great.

Jeff Leisawitz:  I…don’t want rejection but embrace it just like failure.  Failure and rejections are signposts telling you that you are doing something right.  If you are not being rejected and you are not failing, you are not moving forward because no matter who you are or what you do, you will encounter rejection and failure.  The difference is do you stop? Or do you move forward and learn something from it?

Film Courage:  Have you always thought like this? Was there ever a time that you did let rejection go to your head and you ruminated over it?

Jeff Leisawitz:  Yes! [Laughs] As much as I preach this stuff and attempt to integrate it into my own life…Hey! I’m human and I got smacked around and it doesn’t feel good and yeah…sometimes it gets in you and you start to have self-doubt and you start to wonder what you are doing, why you are doing it…


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