What is the SuperVillain of the Creative Self?

Some theories of psychology believe that we’re made of psychological parts. Lover, brother, leader, activist, humanitarian, whatever. But there’s a dark side. For every saint there’s a sinner. For every virgin there’s a whore.

If this theory is true, then we all have inside of us the seeds of a superhero dreamer. A creative powerhouse that lights fires, sketches majestically, sings from the heart and dances like no one’s watching. In the moments this part steps out and into the spotlight, you know the power. Things happen. Small miracles occur. Your magnetism broadcasts and connects with anyone in the vicinity.

And then there’s the opposing force. I call this little turd boy the ‘Inner Critic.’ Since I prefer not to utter its name, I’m just gonna refer to it as ‘the Ic.’


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About the Author:

Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire writers, artists, musicians and random creative types to amp up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world. Author. Award winning musician/ producer. Internationally distributed filmmaker. College prof. Photographer. Speaker. Consultant. Not F*ing Around—The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground is Jeff’s first book.

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