About Jeff Leisawitz

Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire writers, artists, musicians and random creative types to amp up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world. Author. Award winning musician/ producer. Internationally distributed filmmaker. College prof. Photographer. Speaker. Consultant. Not F*ing Around—The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground is Jeff’s first book.

October 2017

Why Writers Write


By B. O'Malley This weekend, I was able to interview author, screenwriter, filmmaker, and musician Jeff Leisawitz, who helps filmmakers, screenwriters, and other creative people find their creative voice and inspiration, and get on track towards pursuing their goals. His book, Not F*ing Around— The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground [...]

August 2017

Two Roads Diverged In A Wood… And We’re Afraid To Take The One Less Travelled


At the end of our days, it just won’t matter what those who don’t matter think of us. Yet, even though each of us knows this, we convince ourselves that their ideas, opinions, and plans for us are somehow more valid than our own. Magazine, Television, the Internet, Social Media, Celebrity Gossip, and, of course, [...]

July 2017

June 2017

Caffeinated Wisdom— Mystic Coffee


As a life coach and independent filmmaker I was inspired to make a short film called MYSTIC COFFEE. MYSTIC COFFEE is about a wise and magical barista who offers advice along with her beverages. As various customers approach the counter to order their drinks, the Mystic Barista puts on a magic ring and becomes enlightened. [...]

May 2017

Sandy— Custom Costumes and Clothing Seamstress


What is your creative mission? To make the most accurate costumes possible. Also to make the extra special garment for someone. What do you love about what you do? The end result. What have you learned from your successes/ failures? How to do it better or different. When something goes wrong (as it will sometimes) I [...]